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Sunday School

Smithville Brethren Church welcomes all who seek to know God. Whether you are a mature follower of Christ, looking to begin your Christian journey, or just curious about our church, we welcome you to come as you are to worship, learn, and fellowship with us.

We are committed to offering educational ministries and programs with leaders and teachers dedicated to helping us learn and grow as disciples of Christ.

We believe that Sunday school is one of the most enriching educational experiences we can have to deepen our understanding of God. Sunday school is also about equipping each other with practical, Bible-based applications to help guide us through the highs and lows of life, while nurturing a personal relationship with God that will grow over the course of our lives.

Below are descriptions of our adult Sunday school classes. Most adult classes and all children's classes meet from 10:15 - 11:10am in different areas throughout the church. If you would like to attend a class and are unsure where it is located, please ask a greeter, usher, or pastor and they will be glad to assist you..

We also have small groups that form and meet for specific purposes and needs. For more information on these groups please contact the church office at (330) 669.2268.

Thank you for your interest in Sunday school and we hope to have you join us this week!

Beacon Light

Room 202

This class uses the NIV International Lesson as the basis for their study of the Bible. The topics vary throughout the year and the entire Bible is covered in a 7-year period. the class opens with the sharing of joys and concerns, followed by prayer.



Room 204

This class is discussion led and focuses on lessons that you haven't heard a million times throughout your Christian life. This class tries to tackle areas of the Bible - and our lives - which we struggle with or need to improve upon. There is plenty of class participation as we bounce our thoughts and ideas off of one another!



Room 201

We are studying random chapters of Mornings with Jesus, a publication similar to Our Daily Bread. We have an outline of twelve questions to help us think about what we have read. To begin the class, we have a prayer and praise time, with lots of discussion to follow. We would love to have you join us.


Lower Lights

Lower Fellowship Hall
Across from the Stage

This class is taught by two or more teachers on a rotating basis. The style depends on the teacher and the curriculum. It sometimes begins with a video, but always is based on scripture and leads to discussion. No one is called upon for discussion, prayer, or scripture reading unless they wish to be.


Salt and Light

Upper Fellowship Hall

This class begins with a prayer and praise time, and then follows with a verse-by-verse study of a book of the Bible looking at how it affects individual lives in today's world. Various commentaries such as Nelson's, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, Matthew Henry, Wiersbe, and others are used as a resource by the teacher and class members. Discussion by the class members is encouraged.



Lower Fellowship Hall
Across from the Kitchen

F.O.C.U.S. - Fellowship of Christian's United in Service - is a small group of 10-20 that meets during the Sunday School hour. We do typical small group activities in and outside of the church in order to build community among our fellow believers. We also regularly do service project in the community.



Room 105

We are a class that consists of recent graduates and those in their 20's. As those in this age group are often exploring what life is setting before them, we continue to explore faith through the study of God's Word, the changing world around us, and how it affects our daily lives. Curriculum does vary throughout the year, and we often reflect upon the morning's sermon and pray for one another. Join us in exploring faith! 

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