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Financial and Final Affairs

Imagine the following scenario. You and your spouse are driving down the road when suddenly a truck pulls out in front of you. In an instant, both of you have been rendered incapacitated - or worse. Will your family know where you bank, what bills need paying, where your retirement funds are kept, the location of your will, and where you stored your life insurance policy. Will someone have a key to get into your house, and know the code to disable your alarm system? If you have guns, will they know where they are all located, and can they find the paperwork that goes with them? And what about all your social media accounts - will your loved ones know all the accounts to close? (Hint: over thirty million Americans have accounts on Facebook, even though they have died, and their families have no idea how to close them!) Financial Affairs puts YOU in control, so one day someone else will have the ability to care for YOUR affairs when you are no longer.

Financial Affairs has been arranged in sections so you can download the forms you need, when you need them. Each form comes with a pdf form fill - the ability to type and save your answers. You will need pdf editing software to do form fills, and there are a number of free options available online. The same forms can also be filled out by hand. However, we recommend doing form fills with editing software - updating will be much quicker and easier to do.

To download, simply click one of the blue hyperlinks - the highlighted text in blue. The pdf should appear on your computer screen. You can either begin to type in your answers, or print the document and then begin to write your answers. If typing your answers, be sure to save the document before closing the page, otherwise you will lose all your work! We recommend saving each form to an easy-to-locate file you create on your computer - "My Financial Affairs" or something similar.

For more instructions, click "Instructions" for each booklet.

On behalf of those who love you, thank you! You will make their lives so much easier when the time comes. And may God so bless you that the time doesn't come for many years!

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