Pump House Ministries Clothing Bin

Pump House Ministries is a spiritual community in Ashland, Ohio made up of people who are experiencing and showing God’s love in practical ways during seasons of hardship and brokenness. The ministry was founded in Ashland, Ohio in 1999. A group of twenty adults and several children got together and decided to “show God’s love in practical ways.” With Pastor G. Bruce Wilkinson as the leader, The Pump House Ministries was born.

In 2003, a 14-acre piece of downtown Ashland property was donated to The Pump House Ministries, Inc. The property came with 100,000 sq. ft. of office space, 300,000 sq. ft of  industrial /manufacturing/warehouse space and 18 houses. Under the leadership of Bruce Wilkinson, the acquired property has helped The Pump House Ministries to institute programs like the men's shelter, food pantry, work re-entry program, International Store & restaurant.

Among one of the many ways in which The Pump House Ministries provides employment and funds its ministries is a textile recycling and brokerage program. 

The Pump House Ministries Clothing Collection Bin located in the parking lot of Smithville Brethren Church and other locations is one way this program receives unwanted clothing & shoes and then distributes them to various entities, local and abroad, who use the materials for profit-making industry.

“Sharing God’s love in practical ways” is the longstanding motto of The Pump House Ministries in Ashland, Ohio. This practical expression of the Gospel characterizes everything The Pump House is and everything which it gets involved in.

Check out  www.pumphouseministries.com for more information.